Drop honey pack. TRT is one of the most known pharmaceutical brand in China. It is the proud of national medicine and very popular over there. Medicines in Tan Ren Tan are made exclusively from natural raw materials.

The order was for the redesign of a jar for honey. Tan Ren Tan supplied many types of natural product rich in healing properties and strived for a new universal packaging. Certain requirements were put forward: it was necessary to get away from the image of a honeycomb (hexagon); maintain product awareness; the packaging had to look modern, but not contradict Chinese traditions.


The packaging designed by Igor strives to emphasize the transparency of honey, its physical properties and richness of color. The basis of the figurative solution is a slowly flowing the edge viscous drop. To make the shape not too intrusive and add the intrigue, the drop was turned inside out.


The square shape of the jar is convenient for optimizing the storage and transportation of the product. The parting line does not cause difficulties in the design of equipment. The original label with curve cut-out emphasizing the drop idea. Hole packaging considers all the wishes of the customer.


Two standard sizes of the jar were created, a full-size mock-up was made, and the necessary documentation for production was prepared.


This project was won the "Design & Design" International Award, Paris. It was published in "Structural Packaging Art" book, 2014, Hong Kong and also in the 2019 edition.