Click and Touch is the innovative keyboard with a touchpad built into the surfays of the keycaps. A large touchpad occupies more than 80% of the surface of the device. An automatic seamless transition ensures instant switching between typing and cursor control. This is on of the first device with such user experience.

In 2020 Click and Touch keyboard has got at once four Red Dot Awards. Igor Solovyov who was a part of Clevetura developing team designed the device. Click and Touch keyboard was awarded in: “Smart product”, “Innovative product”, “Computer and IT”, “TV and home Entertainment” categories.


The first Click and Touch keyboard appears in sale in 2019.


There are two multimedia sliders built into the keyboard: volume and playback control.  


Click and Touch keyboard can easily connect to 5 different devices at the same time. There are three Bluetooth channels and a USB Type-C connector for this purpose. Switching between channels is less than two seconds. You may connect computer, interactive panels, video game consoles, mobile devices and Smart TV.


-       More than 80% of the surface — multi-touch panel with gesture support.

-       Lightweight ergonomic body-easy to hold with one hand on the weight and carry with you. Perfect to use at home.

-       The scissor mechanism is the most reliable in the world, giving an unprecedented feeling of pressing.

-       You may download the Clevetura App and be updated.


Developed by Clevetura

Produced by Prestigio

Best key visual by Right studio